Beaver Extender 1.1.3


The Beaver Extender Plugin is your way of taking control of your Beaver Builder Theme through intuitive customization options.


Beaver Builder Theme provides tons of design templates and controls to get the design process moving forward quickly. But when it comes to making those fine tuning style adjustments, Beaver Extender kicks into high gear!


The Beaver Builder Page Builder Plugin is great for building out specific templates, but when you need to add site-wide customizations, or even go outside those page boundaries, you’ll find Beaver Extender indispensable.


Inevitably custom coding will become necessary during the web design process, even with Beaver Builder Theme. So when you need to dig into some CSS, PHP or JS coding it will all be there in your WP Dashboard.


  • Customize your site’s design using the simple, yet powerful combination of the Front-end CSS Editor with real-time design feedback, and the Custom CSS Building tool that writes CSS code for you.
  • Create an UNLIMITED number of Custom Widget Areas, Content Areas, Page and WordPress Templates to build your webpages the way you want to.
  • Create an UNLIMITED number of Custom Labels and Conditionals to precisely control these Custom Content Areas created by Extender.
  • View all Beaver Builder Theme Framework action hooks on the front-end of your site with the single click of your mouse, providing a visual reference for hooking in your Custom Widget Areas and Hook Boxes.
  • Add your Custom CSS, Functions, and Javascript code to your Beaver Builder Child Theme using your Beaver Extender admin options, making your customizations completely “Theme
  • Update Proof” while making it super simple to edit and add to as your site evolves.
  • Easily backup and transfer your Beaver Extender Plugin settings through the Import/Export Options.


  1. How many websites can I use it on?
    As many sites as your purchased license allows. So if you plan on using Beaver Extender for web development for clients then you’ll most likely need to purchase the “Unlimited Sites” license, which would allow you to use Extender on an unlimited number of sites for yourself and your clients. Just remember that Beaver Extender support is provided only to users who bought the license and only for sites that have been activated, so your clients will need to either get support from you or buy their own license.
  2. Does it work with any WordPress theme or only a specific theme?
    It does NOT work with ANY theme, but was specifically developed for the Beaver Builder Theme Framework.

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