Genius Course – School Classes Institute HTML


Genius Course – School Classes Institute HTML

A unique collection of creative landing pages on Genius Course is now available for verified needs of learning platforms and Training events.

Genius Course provides modern, clean and professionally designed templates. These templates are specially designed for various kinds of short term and long term courses, Training, Events, Online Learning System and other sites related to education and learning activates. It can be used for any other site also.

Is there any need for Learning?

Learning is a lifelong activity. The importance of proper formal education is known to us. But is your formal education which you get from school or college is enough for the overall development of your life? The answer would be No. For constant growth and development, you need to be updated. If you continue to learn new things you survive with ease in this highly competitive environment. If you are not learning any new thing then you will be considered as outdated.

During our whole life, we have to learn many things. Sometimes learning is a conscious process while some times it happens unconsciously. In the journey of life, we need to learn various new things like- a new language, a dance form, or you want to know how to play a musical instrument, a culinary course, driving, market research, and the list goes on and on. Many of us are always in search of some reliable and effective learning program.

Why Genius Course is needed? Nowadays there is a dire need in the market to learn and understand new trends and technologies. Because we are witnessing fast changes in all over the world. If you do not adapt according to the change in the technology then you will be out of the race soon.

If you want to move along with the new trends then you need to update yourself regularly. All such learning and training experiences add glamour in your life and you feel enjoyed and refresh.

There are several experts of the various fields who are ready to share their knowledge. In this whole scenario, only one thing is missing that is a bride between trainer and trainee. How an aspirant can reach to the trainer? A very simple answer is by Genius Course. So without any further delay get yourself registered with Genius course and take your learning platform to new heights. If you have the best quality programmers then it should reach to all the sections of the society.

Silent features of Genius Only the Genius course provides verified landing pages for any kind of learning or training institute. If we analyze the current trends of the market then we came to know that normally when people feel the need to learn anything new then they will simply search for the suitable platform on the internet only. It concludes that the website is the only window for the client to reach to the training program. Through Genius course now you can create attractive web pages and reach to the clients. If the website looks attractive and reliable then clients don’t hesitate to pay and register immediately.

It is a modern, clean and professionally crafted HTML template. Genius course can be used for various learning activities like- Online-Courses or offline courses, Training, Events, Online Learning System and other sites related to education. This template is not just limited to learning activities but it can be used for any other site. In case if you encounter any difficulty while using these templates then experts supports will be provided by Genius.

Why Genius course It is the best platform which provides attractive landing and inner pages for the various learning platforms. The learning activity is not just an investment of money but it is an investment of time and energy also. So before selecting any course client wants complete and reliable information about your program. The presentation of the idea is very important for the success of any project. With the high-quality landing pages of Genius, you can present your idea in the best way and get a unique identity in the crowded market.

Genius – Learning & Course HTML Template Feature

Pages- In this platform, you will get four unique landing pages which are specially designed according to the needs and features of learning platforms.

One page Version-This platform provides a one-page version.

Advanced technology- In the field of learning, you need to be updated. Genius Course is based on Bootstrap 4.

Course Listing – for the listing of various courses it provides course listing pages.

Listing options- it provides two options for course listing -Grid & List View. On Genius you can mention various courses offered by you in grid view and list view.

PSD- One special thing about Genius is that it provides PSD also. The market cost of these PSDs is $ 14. But on our platform, it is completely free.

Booking pages- The booking pages of Genius are very attractive. Any client can easily register himself for your program.

Other pages- The other pages like- Shop pages, Blog pages, Teachers / Instructors Pages, About Us, Contact Us Pages are also provided by Genius Course.

Customization- The pages on Genius course are very easy to customize.

Support- The expert team of Genius is always ready to support you in every possible way.

Fonts- It supports Google fonts also. It mainly uses Google font- Roboto.

Some unique and exciting features of Genius course

  • 3 + 1 Unique Home Page Layouts
  • One page version
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Course Listing Pages
  • Course Listing Grid & List View
  • Free PSDs worth $14
  • Interactive Course Booking Page
  • Shop Pages
  • Blog Pages
  • Teachers / Instructors Pages
  • About Us, Contact Us Pages
  • Easy to customize
  • Elite Author Support
  • W3 Code Validated
  • 100% Responsive
  • Using Owl Carsoul 2
  • Google fonts
  • Font Awesome & Flat icons ________________________



  • Font Awesome
  • ________________________


  • Google font: Roboto ________________________


  • google image ________________________

Note: All images are just used for preview purpose only and NOT included in the HTML files.