Groups for WooCommerce 2.4.0


Groups for WooCommerce grants memberships based on products. It automatically assigns a customer to one or more groups based on the products ordered.

Groups for WooCommerce Memberships can be sold through normal products where membership is granted for an unlimited time through one-time payments, or through subscriptions where the memberships lasts as long as the subscription is active, based on recurring payments and an optional setup fee.

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Product Details

Developer NameItthinx
Live link
Released DateOctober 5, 2022
Licence TypeGPL
Product Type Version Last Update Download
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.13.02018-11-26Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.14.02019-03-02Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.15.02019-04-27Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.16.02019-08-26Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.17.02019-09-18Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.20.02020-11-15Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.20.12020-12-20Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.22.02021-01-13Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.23.02021-03-14Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.24.02021-04-12Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.25.02021-08-17Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin 1.29.02022-07-19Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.30.02022-09-28Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.322023-02-09Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin1.33.02023-02-17Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin2.2.12023-07-06Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin2.3.02023-09-08Request Now
Groups for WooCommerceplugin2.4.0 2023-11-29Request Now
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