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Yoast SEO premium plugin free download with membership

Yoast SEO premium download here free with membership is one of the best SEO plugins for the WordPress platform. The premium versioplugine plugin helps in higher ranking of the website. It makes your SEO labors very fruitful. With very little effort you can place your website in a higher position in the search engine and in getting maximum visitors both from search engines as well as social media. Some of the important features of Yoast SEO premium are:

  • The premium version of the plugin allows up to 5 keywords for maximum search on each page and the free version allows only 1 keyword.
  • Checks the number of times the keywords have been used and make it sure that they are used perfectly neither too many times nor fewer times.
  • The premium version allows page previewing on Twitter,, Facebook and Google.
  • It helps in keeping the technical settings perfect.
  • It is updated every 2 weeks so that it remains updated with the latest Google set of rules.
  • Provides you content awareness by screening 5 words that are generally used to see if they tie with the carefully chosen keywords.

Ranking a website in search engines is all about attracting more visitors to your website or blog by engaging them through high-quality services. There lots of factors which affect the rank of a website in search engines. SEO technologies can help you attract more visitors in less time.

When it comes to SEO tools, Yoast SEO Premium plugin is probably the most reliable one. It helps engage more audience towards your website and attracts visitors from search engines like Google, Bing and form social media forums. The plugin is regularly updated so that your website remains optimized for the latest Google algorithms. Yoast is considered to be the best SEO tool by many SEO experts. It is especially recommended for beginners as they don’t have the basic knowledge about content optimization. Yoast SEO premium plugin free download is all you need in order to get started with the process of SEO of your website.

Yoast SEO Premium enables you to write high-quality content. It makes sure that you optimize your content in every possible way according to the guidelines provided by search engines. Following these guidelines is the fastest way of increasing the rank of your website. It goes through every tiny bit of detail and aims to satisfy both the visitor and search engines. The plugin is quite easy to integrate and the user interface is very intuitive. Website optimization has never been this easier. With Yoast, even a beginner can learn the art of SEO and rank their website among the top ones.

Yoast SEO premium download Features: 

  • You can focus on multiple keywords from your content. Yoast SEO Premium allows you to focus up to 5 keywords and their synonyms per article
  • It comes with a redirect manager which redirects errors received from search engines, deleted pages or altered or broken URLs
  • Automatic internal linking suggestions
  • Insight tool lets you know what your content is focusing on so that you can keep your article aligned with your keywords

Yoast SEO premium plugin free download

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Product Details

Developer NameYoast
Live linkhttps://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/
Released DateOctober 6, 2022
Licence TypeGPL
Product Type Version Last Update Download
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin8.42019-01-15Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin9.42019-01-15Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin9.4.22019-01-17Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin9.52019-01-25Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin9.6.12019-02-19Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin9.72019-03-03Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin10.0.02019-03-14Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin 10.0.12019-03-20Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin10.1.22019-04-06Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin10.02019-04-11Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin11.0.02019-04-18Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin11.12019-05-04Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin11.42019-06-14Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin11.62019-07-12Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin11.72019-07-24Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin11.82019-08-09Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin11.92019-08-21Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin12.02019-09-04Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin12.0.12019-09-06Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin12.12019-09-18Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin12.22019-10-03Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin12.32019-10-17Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin12.42019-11-01Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin12.52019-11-19Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin12.6.12019-12-10Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin12.7.12019-12-19Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin12.82020-01-10Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin12.9.12020-01-22Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin12.9.22020-02-01Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin13.0.02020-02-09Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin13.12020-02-18Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin13.32020-03-17Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin13.4.12020-04-03Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin13.52020-04-18Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin14.0.12020-04-30Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin14.12020-05-27Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin14.22020-05-28Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin14.32020-06-12Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin14.4.12020-06-28Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin14.52020-07-08Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin14.62020-07-21Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin14.6.12020-07-28Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin14.72020-08-08Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin14.82020-08-19Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin14.92020-09-01Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.02020-09-30Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.1.12020-10-15Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.1.22020-10-18Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.22020-11-01Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.2.12020-11-03Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.32020-11-21Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.42020-12-03Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.52020-12-19Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.6.22021-01-13Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.72021-02-05Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.82021-02-13Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.8.22021-02-15Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.92021-02-25Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.9.12021-03-04Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin15.9.22021-03-14Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin16.02021-03-16Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin16.0.12021-03-17Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin16.0.22021-03-20Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin16.0.32021-03-24Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin16.12021-04-13Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin16.22021-05-02Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin16.32021-05-18Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin16.42021-06-03Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin16.52021-06-29Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin16.62021-06-30Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin16.72021-07-14Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin16.82021-07-27Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin16.92021-08-13Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin17.12021-09-08Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin17.1.12021-09-09Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin17.1.22021-09-10Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin17.22021-09-22Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin17.32021-10-06Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin17.42021-10-23Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin17.52021-11-16Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin17.62021-11-29Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin17.72021-12-02Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin17.92022-01-14Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin18.02022-02-10Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin18.12022-02-24Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin18.32022-04-09Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin18.42022-05-07Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin18.52022-05-23Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin18.62022-06-02Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin18.72022-06-15Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin18.82022-06-28Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin18.92022-07-14Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin19.0.12022-07-31Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin19.22022-08-29Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin19.2.12022-09-01Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin19.32022-09-20Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin19.7.22022-10-07Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin19.42022-10-26Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin19.52022-11-09Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin19.62022-12-13Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin19.72023-01-11Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin20.12023-02-09Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin20.22023-03-01Request Now
Yoast SEO Premiumplugin20.3 2023-03-21Request Now
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